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of textures and salve part 1 - cured sausage of italian tradition
splitting of a whole into exactly two non-overlapping parts
of textures and salve part 1
there are three distinct varieties of salve. each salve has it's own spectacular properties, and is under no circumstances to be confused with balm.  balm, as you know, is nothing more than the scrapings of film  from underneath a bull's fourth anus.

 the first type of salve, is brain salve, which is responsible for the devouring of grey matter and the tearing of protective tissues. first discovered in the early half of 1908, by the late renowned gynecologist and hypnotist Davis Lavander Helmut.  He applied the great devourer, as brain salve was first known, to the optic nerves of his patients, turning them into walking monsters of a villainous class. 

 he slathered insatiably for fourteen months under the mocking eye of his own growing internal personality, Jonathon Herbert Monkeyshine, a devious and racketeering ghoul capable of pure hateshine, or absolute hate as helmut named it.  helmut described absolute hate as, some wicked combination of absolute zero and a rabies variant found only in aged lemurs.  when taken with hateshine, J.H. Monkeyshine was known to drain mass quantities of brain salve into the streets of wichita, creating mass epidemics of those affected by the great devourer.  as well as an appetite for chaos and mob mentality, Monkeyshine also took to debauched acts with those females most affected by Helmut's experiments.

it is not currently known, whether or not, Helmut's many tinkerings with the dangerous and volatile brain salve, led to his psychological downfall, something only many long years of painstaking and inhuman research will reveal.  it is likely that this research will be performed by the creatures that Helmut loved most, one eyed lemurs foaming at the mouth with loathing and disgust, chomping at the bit for a taste of the fear and hatred associated with the great devourer.

likely an outbreak of brain salve exposure, will lead to the devastating effects of both a nuclear and an old world biblical apocalypse, where the weak nail themselves to the streets and wait for the monsters to pick their bones clean. where the heros of the world are found locked with in deep existential closets, smoking crack until their eyes burst.  it is well known to the scientific community that no cure is ever to be found for brain salve exposure, save for the hope of finding the original antidote, buried deep in the damned spinal chord of Davis Lavander Helmut.
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cahrinda From: cahrinda Date: October 11th, 2007 08:41 am (UTC) (Link)
nice. i love saying the word salve. saaaaalllvee.
From: (Anonymous) Date: May 8th, 2008 05:56 pm (UTC) (Link)

thank you

thats it, guy
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